Xcarve stock z probe setting?

I had an aftermarket z probe for. But and my settings keep referring back to that thickness even after I reset new machine. I have a 2021 x carve .

What is the stock inventables z probe thickness was setting and how do I change it?

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The Stock Inventables Z Probe is 14.99mm the z probe thickness can only be changed by doing another machine setup and at the screen where you test the probe you’d have to click “advanced settings” and enter the correct thickness in there.

HOWEVER I have found about 4 ways to cause the custom probe thickness to get reverted to the 14.99mm default and the user will have no idea until they try to carve and the cnc crashes (if the probe used is thicker than 14.99mm. . . If the probe is thinner, it wont crash, it’ll just carve air instead)

For this reason, and a few others, I no longer use Easel to send the carve.
Instead I export the Easel gcode and use OpenBuild Control as my sender of choice… Best CNC Software is OPENBUILDS CONTROL - Cool Features - YouTube

It has happened to me about 5 times. Since then I got rid of the other z probe and just use the inventables. I like it and plan on only using the inventables. I have changed the settings back to stock a few times now and ruined a few pieces. Why does it go back randomly sometimes? Any way to just make it not ever?

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I was able to go back through the machine setting and found this. Apparently it was at stock setting already, so not sure what happened. But all good now.

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