Xcarve tslots and bolts in UK

Im looking at doing some upgrades and need to buy some more tslots and bolts etc, the seller in the UK for the xcarve is robosavvy but they dont sell spares of anything. I would buy from inventables but the postage is crazy.

Anyone in the uk know of good suppliers

Yep. I have bought all kinds of bits and bobs from oozenest on multiple occasions. They supply openbuilds parts in the UK.

I buy all of my normal bolts nuts/washers etc from Kay’s Fasteners, but usually buy from their eBay store just for ease

I’ve bought V wheels from these people before

they do a few bits

Thanks, I managed to get the bits I needed off of eBay

bolts and nuts supply from ding fastener, DIN 933 hex bolts, also kinds of screws and nuts.