XCarve Updates to my SO2

Since getting my Shapeoko2 built in February, I’ve enjoyed making a variety of things on it. After reading a lot of posts on this forum about different updates, I decided to proceed with some. My first step was to change from the 48VDC spindle to the DWP611. I’ve had absolutely no problem with the DC spindle - just thought it time to get a little more power. Shortly after I installed and tested the 611, Inventables offered a Black Friday Deal on the XCarve update kit, so I ordered it. I had been interested in the new extruded gantry and a couple other parts, so the pricing made me do it!

I had already cut a mount for the 611, so I didn’t buy the Inventables mount. The main parts I used from the kit were the extruded gantry mount and motor mounts. I ended up with a hybrid of SO2, OpenBuild, and XCarve parts that give me what I want. Nothing really earth-shattering here - just another way of doing things. I can say that my gantry is more stable with the one piece mount. I also like the new motor mounts placing the pulleys in the open for easier maintenance.