Xcarve went haywire

About 2 hours into a 5 hour carve, my CNC went a bit haywire. It went off design and just started randomly carving all around. This has never happened to me before, but I’ve also never done such a long carve…Has anyone had this happen before? Any idea why it did?

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Which machine are you using? I see XCP, but I want to make sure that is correct.

Also, could you give us and idea what materials you were cutting along with feeds and speeds used. You could also share the easel project with us if that was being used.

Which firmware are you running?
go to machine inspector and check the top left corner.

yes thank you!
an XCP yes
Material: birch plywood
dimentions: 30x30 with .75 height

Feedrate: 40in/min
Plunge rate: 12in/min
depth PP: 0.05

trying to figure out how to share the project now

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checking now…still learning/making sense of GRBL, i assume it’s at its stock settings but ill double check.

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I would love to know why this is happening. I have lost many carves lately now by the router just going crazy. I have separated the power and data cables, I have grounded the machine, I have changed where the computer is plugged in. I bought a shielded cable. I have bought quite a few bits to replace the broken ones, not to mention the the clamps that are getting eaten up. It does not happen every time, but it happens enough that I am getting pretty upset with the machine.

You have an X-Carve PRO or a standard X-Carve?

Hey Seth, turns out the problem was not mechanical. I offset a vector from the model for a profile path, well the machine tried to carve the small gap in between the two. That caused havoc. Once I used the create boundary tool, all went fine. Except now I need to tighten up the carriage as it took a hit from all this.

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