Xcarve x-axis drag chain. How far beyond the rear frame does it extend

How far does the x-axis drag chain extend beyond the rear frame; when the gantry is positioned all the way to the back. (or anything else attached to the gantry). I have limited space in my work area and want to keep the work bench depth to a minimum. Planning on using 48" for bench width.

Xcarve 1000

Really depends on where you mount the end of the chain where the cables exit. I’ve mounted mine as far forward as I can to give me minimum rear drag chain clearance. My workbench is 44" front to back, 48" is plenty.

Doh! I read that as Y axis when he mentioned ‘all the way back’. My mistake.

Basically I want to position the rear of the frame as close to the wall
as possible and not have any attachments/drag chain/wires/parts
etc. contacting the wall. I hadn’t thought about the possibility of the
Y-axis rolling back and extending beyond the rear of the frame.

What size machine will you be getting I believe the 1000mm is a little different from the rest. The x axis drag chain hangs over very little if at all I can measure mine if you would like.

I have the 1000mm. In that pic it looks (to me) like the Y-axis has a couple of
inches (50.8mm) to go to be all the way to the rear of the frame. And the Y drag
chain will still roll on for a little distance past the frame.

Just need to know how deep to make the workbench so that anything moving
beyond the rear rail won’t be able to hit the wall behind the bench.

So yes, that would be great if you could take a measurement for me. :slight_smile: TNX

From the very front of the y axis to back of the drag chain

I’d say 41 1/4"

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That’s the info I was looking for.

Thank you, :+1:

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