Xcarve Xcontroller Wiring

Hello! I am brand new to this forum and to my xcarve so I’d love some troubleshoot help with set up. I purchased my xcarve used. I noticed the wires on the xcontroller do not match the set up photos however the seller did run a test for me when it was wired this way. (2 wires weren’t connected to anything as pic shows). I have the Easel driver installed on a MacBook but can’t get the machine to “set up” in Easel. I don’t have control of the spindle in any axis. Can anyone send some suggestions or advice my way? Thank you in advance!

I don’t know how it was working because all the wires look wrong.
The wires in your hand are probably for the X limit and ground

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That is a picture of the back of my XController. We have a few people on this forum that will be able to help you out. Did you send an email to Inventables tech support?

Thanks Russell! I really appreciate your response. I rewired to match the instructions/your pics. Now, I can’t seem to get my spindle to jog. It is located at the far upper left corner of the wasteboard and seems to sporadically “twitch”, where the spindle will move a degree left/right/up/down randomly. I am not able to use the jogging arrows in Easel to move?

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Actually, the spindle is jogging after all. It just a snail’s pace it seems! One movement down the Y axis takes about 35 seconds. Could my internet speed have anything to do with this? I am currently hot spotting off my phone’s LTE.

How much are you moving it each time?

No, you might need to give more details. What are you doing that makes it “twitch”?
Can you post your grbl settings? Go to the Machine Inspector Console and type $$

Hi friends, I have no idea how to explain further the movements the spindle was making… However, suspecting it could be something to do with my using a 10yo MacBook (running on 10.13 OS), I swapped to using a newer Windows laptop and was finally able to execute my first carve!

Thanks to all for the responsiveness!!


Awesome, welcome to the forum