Xcontroller homing switches

How do homing switches work with the xcontroller? Are they like now just limit switches or do they actually allow you to home the machine back to zero?

They are HOMING switches and work very well. They are NOT limit switches. In the new version of the X-Carve they are also protected so no matter how bad you screw up (and you will :grinning:) they are not damaged.

There are “soft limits” that can be set but are dependent on homing the machine for each session. Search for “Soft Limits” and you will find an explanation.

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I guess I didn’t have them set up correctly.

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I think so, too. With the GShield mounted in such close proximity to the Uno, it can radiate a lot of electrical noise right into the Uno circuity, IMO, making a good noise filtering setup a necessity. Why the manufacturers do not warn users of this is beyond me. :frowning:

But even on my Mach3 installations, I have always needed to use some type of filtering on the limit switches. Usually just needed 0.1uf ceramic capacitors at the limit switch inputs to the controller.