Xcontroller no power

-24vdc tested and confirmed coming out of the power supply

-no power led on the front or back of the xcontroller
-estop bypassed by connecting both red wires to take the estop out of the equation.

-tested and getting 24vdc to the estop and out of the estop so it is working correctly

-no visible damage to any of the circuit boards or components

-does not connect to any computer (tried 4) and when windows typically makes a sound when USB is plugged in, there is no sound and no new device detected on any pc or laptop tested

I finished a cut in acrylic, called tech support because the Z axis was plunging too deep and found out my $102 setting from the factory was just a bit off. Changed it per advice and shut off the machine for the night. The next day I plugged it in and turned it on but could not get UGS or Easel to connect. I unplug all of the equipment except for the PC every night after I am done using it. The X controller is on its own 15a circuit with only a few LED lights for the shop on it. The dewalt is on a seperate 20a circuit along with the computer.

I am at my wits end and have a trip coming up at the end of may that I need some projects finished for as the point of the trip was to take these projects out and install them into some aquariums. Any help is much appreciated.

Check the internal cable connectors. The retaining clips can closed without the plugs being fully seated in their sockets.

Oh, and re-boot the PC in case the serial port is hung.

I forgot to put in the original post that all cables have been reseated all the way in correctly and it was working prior to me changing a setting through ugs. I did not open the xcontroller after changing the settings and it wasn’t moved so that shouldn’t have been an issue. All connections are verified secure.

Locate TP4, TP5, and TP6 on the PCB.

TP4 should be negative return (ground).
TP5 should be approximately 5 volts
TP6 should be the power supply voltage (24 volts)

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Sounds like a 5V regulator issue. Measure the test points that Larry pointed out. If I’m not mistaken, even without the processor booting, the motors should still lock in place with the 24V present so that might give you some indication. It could be the molex that takes the 24V to the main board.

TP5 I get nothing, TP6 I get 24vdc

the motors are NOT locked in place when the checking these voltages

You need to call Inventables. It appears that the processor board is bad.

is this a common issue? I have had the xcontroller since the middle of march 2017 so I feel like failure at this point with as little time as I have logged on it, is pretty frustrating.

Frustrating, yes. This is the first time I have heard of a board with this failure. It’s not typical.


thank you Larry for the assistance, I will reach out to them on Monday. Hopefully they have some answers, the Inventables customer service team is amazing so I am sure they will.


Hello LeviK,

I have same problem as you. No power led and no signal on TP5… My case is even worth than yours, because I never use my machine. I arrived just finish the assembly. It is very frustrating… Can you explain to me how it passed? Is there some solution, like replace some component, that I can do myself? To receive new board take lot of time because I living in France. Thank you in advance for your answer.

I contacted inventables and they replaced my controller after I sent it to them. New one arrived and I haven’t had any of the issues I had with the old one. Very happy with new replacement.