XController ribbon cable orientation

That sound I believe is fine tuning itself

When u started this thread I stated that I had the same cable as we both likely got the same run of kits I’ve been running for 4 plus weeks now without any problems I stated that the cable only plugs in one way and that mine was working…I also stated to give it a try if something went “poof” inventables would likely help you out. Now let’s see your first cuts !!

If I’d gone ahead with the standard cable in with the orientation of connector on my board then none of the limit switches would have worked as the GND would have been on the Probe screw terminal, non of the other GND connections would be linked to GND on the main board, the Z Limit connection wouldn’t be linked to anything (x on the pinout image above) - M8 Flow would be X Limit, etc.

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I’d have to completely dissassemble my x controller to be sure, But I could swear that mine is exactly the same… I also had to flip the motor wires to get it to move the correct direction…

yea I could have just changed the grbl settings, in fact during set up it asked me but I’d rather get it set correctly in hardware. looks like we need some better QC and there wont be any issues like this…

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Hi All, Thank you for posting. We are aware of this and looking into it. We will post back an update shortly. Stay tuned.

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UPDATE: We had one of our engineers initiate a root cause analysis. Three units were pulled from stock to verify proper construction. One was likely (but unverified) from the same batch as the failed unit. The other two were from the latest batch just received from the supplier. All three units were visually inspected to verify proper orientation of the connector and passed.

Since these parts did not exhibit the same failure, it was likely caused by operator error on the assembly line and isolated to this unit. The insertion of this header by the board supplier is likely a hand operation. If it were automated the whole batch would exhibit the failure.

We are looking into corrective action to minimize this issue from occurring in the future. We will most likely add a QC step for checking the orientation of this part to the existing representative sample functional test from each ordered lot of X-Controllers. Additionally, a design change to improve silkscreen orientation indication will be implemented.

@CiaranMcBride Thank you again for bringing this to our attention. It looks like you replaced the part and things are functional but if you would like an extra replacement please let the CS representative know that is handling your case and we will take care of you.

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@plomac Hmmmm, ‘…pulled from stock…’ My sweetheart placed an order for the 1k unit with all the bells and whistles with an obvious delay in shipping. Understandable, you guys are busy. ;). Any chance you have an entire unit in ‘stock’ you could send my way?? :smile:

Hi Dm1, unfortunately we are missing components like the main controller board so I would not be able to. Very sorry about the extended delay on the X-Controllers.

Just ship everything except the controller, that piece gets assembled last anyway. :wink: < fingers crossed >

@plomac - I have this same cable connection issue. I received the controller a couple weeks ago but just built it yesterday. What do I need to do to fix this?

I planned on ordering in a couple weeks…maybe I’ll wait

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The fix was quite easy in the end - just needed to make a new cable (I decided to make a new one rather than trying to remove one connector from the existing wire and potentially mess up the connector).

I grabbed - https://www.sparkfun.com/products/10647 and two of https://www.sparkfun.com/products/10650

Cut the cable to the length you need and attach one end, copying the orientation of the connector on the cable that goes into the PCB with the big heat sinks on it. On the other end, reverse the connector so the tab is on the opposite side when compared to your existing cable.

Check each wire is connected with a multimeter if you have one. Then connect the two boards and you should be good to go.

I used my multimeter in continuity mode to test the boards connected ok by touching one end to a GND on the green connectors (check the back plate for your x-controller to see which pins these are) on the power PCB and the other to the metal casing on the USB socket on the controller PCB.


Hi Ernie,

If you send a message to our support team we will hook you up with a corrected part free of charge. Thanks!

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Im need a longer ribbon cable for homing switches. can i get through you if not what are the pin connectors descriptions and cable so that i can order them.