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Xloader - instructions


I can appreciate that.

Check your device selection in Xloader. It should be the Uno(Atmega328).

I think that I have other problems.

see above

Oh wait.
let me go back check that

so now I have to go in and change the few settings that you mentioned?


is that the “DO” command?

In PicSender: (assuming you have PicSender version 2.6.0)

At the top press the gold “GRBL” button

On the next screen press the green “GRBL Settings” button.

Edit the values you need to change in the left column.

Press the light green “Send” button.

Press the gold “Return” button at the top of the screen.

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Thank you very much for your help.
However, now the $X works perfectly and the $H does not work.
After all this frustration, (and a couple of adult pops) I’m actually laughing at this current situation.

What does that mean? What happens when you do the $H?

it says that the setting is disabled.

Sorry, I missed that one.

Make sure that $22=1

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That’s interesting.
now the $X doesn’t want to work properly again.

Steady as she goes, Jan. Larry is getting you there. :slight_smile:

You’ll soon be comfortable with it.

What does that mean?

If the grbl setting changes you made are not saved to the Spindle.txt file in the GRBL menu, they will change back the way they were before you edited them the next time PicSender connects to the com port.

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I make the changes, click the send , then click the return.
some of the changes will take and some will not.

the “spindle” button is clicked

is there a way that I can reduce the size of the picsender window and or move it so I can put another window (the forum dialog) next to it?
I’m missing something here.