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Xloader - instructions

My X negative / positive and the Y negative / positive are reversed.
Z is ok


Let’s start from a known position.

Take these files (I have edited them to match your system) and place them in the following directory:


Laser.txt (1009 Bytes)
Spindle.txt (1004 Bytes)

It will ask you if you want to replace the files that are already there.


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Ok, the files look ok.

See if you can start PicSender, use $X and then see if you can jog your machine with the axes moving in the correct direction.

they do not.
X and Y move backwards.
Z move correctly.

Just to be clear.
All moves from the machine “home” position start out in the positive direction?

In PicSender

At the top press the gold “GRBL” button

On the next screen press the green “GRBL Settings” button.

Make sure that the “spindle” is selected.

Edit the values you need to change in the left column.

Change $3 to 7 ($3=7)

Press the light green “Send” button.

Press the lavender “Save” button. [Save settings as spindle.txt, Yes]

Press the gold “Return” button at the top of the screen.

See if the axes jog in the correct direction.

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When I press the $X, the X & Y move backwards.
The $H does not work.

Just so I’m clear on this:

X- moves left, X+ moves right (looking at the machine from the front).

Y- moves the gantry to the front, Y+ moves the gantry to the rear.

Z- moves the spindle down, Z+ moves the spindle up.

In the upper right quadrant of the PicSender window there is a “gold” mode button and beside it does it say Inc. (G91)?

Post the grbl parameters here:

Don’t worry about $H yet.

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Facing the machine.
X- will move the machine to the right.
X+ will move the machine to the left
Y- will move the machine to the rear
Y+ will move the machine to the front
Z- will move the spindle down
Z+ will move the spindle up

Now I’m starting to confuse myself…

Ok, post the spindle grbl parameters here.

While I truly appreciate all of your efforts, Its time for this old boy to get his beauty sleep.
(and if you ever saw me you would under stand why)
I don’t know if I can pick this up tomorrow or not as I have customers in town.
But I will definitely get back to you.
Thank you again.

Ok, we can figure it out. Let me know when you’re ready to work on it again.

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I just did this Xloader update with Larrys version, using Easel to send commands, all 3 axis’s were backwards. I think it was $3 that straightened out the directions that were all backwards. I compared text files before and after like you did. All is good so far, just need to run some cuts to see if I get the random disconnects again.

Yes, it’s $3. What value did you end up with for your machine?

My machine is at work, but here is an older version I have at home on my laptop, before I calibrated it for better precision. I don’t believe $3 has changed since I had Easel get it setup properly. (That was a pain in the ars!)

So, I’ve been doing a lot of reading about Grbl and I need a bit of help understanding.(quite interesting by the way)
Does the Chart for setting the $3 mean that the new setting will invert what the machine is currently doing?

In other words, my machine is currently running backwards in X and Y but Z is ok.
Do I then set $3=3 ?

It depends on the current value of $3.

If $3 is 4 (100) then you would change it to 7 (111) to invert X and Y.

If $3 is 3 (011) then you would change it to 0 (000) to invert X and Y.

I’m not at my shop right now so I will have to wait until later this afternoon.
but I’m trying to understand the Grbl chart

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