Who got a new X-Controller delivered yesterday??? I did, baby!!! WOO HOO… so excited!!! NEW STUFF!

I did! computer recognizes it, but will not install driver. have downloaded and installed easel local, any ideas?

You may need the Aruduno IDE software loaded.

I am also having this issue. X-Controller shows up in my device manager but says it may need a driver. Easel doesn’t automatically connect to it either. I sent in a support ticket, but don’t expect a reply until Monday.

Hmmm. Not just me! i am afraid to load the arduino, because I am not sure that th one on github is for the x controller, unless the xcarve and xcontroller share the same grbl.

If you purchase the X-Controller, will you not need a motion controller and power supply?

Everything is included, you just need to assemble.