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Xy jog seperate from Z

I see these are now broken out. Is it possible to keep them tied together with a preference setting?

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I noticed this a few days ago. I thought the same thing at first but the more i use it the more i like it.

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Currently it’s a change we recently made to Easel to keep you from accidently jogging to far down into the material. I’ll check with the Easel team and see if this is setting that could toggle.

Personally I like the new feature. The ability to jog X and Y in 1 inch steps, and use much smaller increment on Z axis is useful (safe) for me.

I noticed this a few days ago and boy do I dislike it. I use a controller mapped out for all the measurements and its a pain in the but to set the router up. I really hope they come out with a way to switch it back.

First… great idea to separate xy and z for specific jogging… can’t count ho many times I had a 8" set and accidentally hit the z key and had to reset everything!

Having said that… PLEASE add the ability to specify Z jogging increments. I use this all the time is setting my starting height for repeat cuts and adding new work pieces without having to zero every time!

Totally agree! I like them separate too, I just want the ability to specify the Z axis amount as well!