Xy o point

I’m doing a 2 stage carve with epoxy. Once I move the project off the x-carve or the computer goes to sleep mode, I lose my place and its off. What’s a good tip or way to keep the machine to use the same xyz point. When I set up to do my carve it gives me the set the zero point or use last one before carve, But if you un plug or turn off the xcarve it loses the zero point, and you have to set the zero point again or home the machine. So what I’m really asking is if you use a zero point and its the same then the carve should be precise correct? How can I make sure its always correct or tips to keep it correct every time if your off the project like in my case for a few days and you want to cut back into the project?


What i’ll do is zero my work just on the edge of the material, lower the z until it just touches the wood with the end mill, and that will give you a decently accurate way of knowing where the x,y was on the carve

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turn off your power save, disable sleep feature


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