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My XY start position is the bottom left corner of my work piece. When the cut is complete should the cutter return to this position. I ran a test piece of a 4x4 inch square inscribed 1inch inside a piece of material. The machine finish point is at the bottom left of inscribed square not the XY start position. Help would be appreciated. Note : all my settings are checked and seem right. All belts are tight. (including my own!!).

Just to be sure that I wasn’t totally crazy, i just ran a toolpath and exported the gcode and confirmed that nothing changed with any recent updates…

The 2nd to the last line of gcode is the return to 0,0 (work coordinates) So this would move it to the corner of your workpiece. HOWEVER the line prior is for the Z to retract to the Origin Safety Height and IF there was a loss of steps in the Z throughout your carve, then it could cause the Z to retract and hit a limit switch… this is just about the only reason that I would expect the machine to not return to 0,0 as it’s supposed to.

Can you go into machine inspector and see if the Z limit switch is triggered?

Here’s what the last few lines of gcode look like for reference:

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Does the Easel simulation show the toolpath returning to the Work Home position as it should?


Brandon Parker

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The simulation shows it returning to its original start position but it actually stops short of that?

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Thanks for the detailed reply. In have again checked all the switches and all seems to be in order. The z is not activating the homing switch. The switch is working. The probe iis working as it should. The simulation shows the machine returning to the start on completion ? . At the moment I cannot (due to limited brain) find the actual line of g-code you refer to but I will continue to poke away at it!!!

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