XYZ Probe for X-Carve Pro?

Hi everyone! I just ordered my 2X4 X-Carve Pro a couple of days ago and am looking forward to getting up and running. This is my first CNC. I know a z-probe is included with the machine, but have seen XYZ probes on competitors.

I am wondering one of two things:

  1. Has anyone here successfully installed an XYZ probe? Accuracy is going to be very important to me as I plan to do multiple inlays on projects (e.g., maple board, inlays in walnut, cherry, bloodwood, yellowheart… you get the idea.)
  2. Is an XYZ probe even necessary to do this type of work, or can I just mount an “L” bracket on the left front side of my machine to register my work against? I’d like to keep things as simple as possible, especially because I’m new to this game.

I plan to start off using the free version of Easel, but will likely upgrade to V-Carve Pro when the need presents itself.


I put an L fence on mine. It is offset from machine home position by 1 inch. You just need to move X and Y 1 inch after you home the machine. One you are at X + 1" and Y + 1" that will be your 0,0 for your work. You set that when you go to carve after you touch off the tool on the Z probe. I usually move the tool to where I want to set the Z probe. I just move 5" in X and Y, touch off and move back 5" in X and Y or whatever distance you like to 0,0 then confirm in next screen.

I ordered on of these as soon as TriQuetra CNC make them work with Easel…about a year ago. It does indeed plug into the jack on the X-Carriage as long as you order the correct version.
I can’t say enough about the excellent customer service provided by Charlie Thomas…he’s helped me out twice when I had a couple of hangups. He’s a great guy to deal with!!!
There is NO WAY you would not want one of these for the price. The only caution is that the touch plate is probably thicker than the Z-probe touch plate supplied by Inventables, so you have to adjust your Machine Setup accordingly and be aware that thereafter they are not interchangeable. But you can easily use the TriQ touch plate as just a Z-probe by flipping

That would be a quote I found not from me but i do have one and it works great.

Thanks for the advice! I think I’m going to start out with an L fence, then if I see need for an XYZ plate it’s good to know the TriQuetra is an option - per their website, it’s compatible with the X-carve.