Y-2 Stepper not working!

I just finished my assembly and when I ran the machine calibration I am having an issue with my y2 stepper not running. When I started machine calibration my x axis was backwards and fixed in grbl settings. Z axis was backwards and fixed in grbl settings. However my y axis is not working properly. Y1 was backwards and y2 would not move. I have checked tension on belts and v bearings with no issues found. I swapped plugs on the back of my x controller and the y2 motor operates and y1 does not. I don’t believe the wiring or motor is an issue. My dip switches are also verified good as well. The problem seems to be internal of the x controller on the y2 circuit. Has anyone seen this issue before? Any recommendations on what to check?

Yes that is correct the problem stayed with the x controller output. I currently have both yaxis motors hooked to y1 and it workes flawlessly however it is only at partial power. I double checked internal wiring and pot and all was good. I will be calling inventables when they open this morning. Thanks for the wisdom and advice.

Yes sir that’s how I currently have it set up. I called invents legs and they are expediting a new x controller to me. I’ll update the final fix. Thanks again everyone for the input and advice.

I’m having precisely the same problem, however for me it’s the Y1 stepper. I too have verified that wiring, and the stepper itself are all good.

But how does one “crank up the power”? It sounds like ultimately my solution will be the same (new board), but I’d like to understand this aspect of it.

ah, of course. Danke.

You turn the potentiometer on the control board up. Just remember it still will not be at the full power potential.


I received a new stepper control board for my X-Controller and this fixed the issue. Thank you everyone for all of the information.