Y and X axis issues

Hi I have run through the tuning video but cannot work out what is going on here. Here is a video of what is happening.

I have made sure the v wheels and belts are correct but its just really confusing me

Sorry i accidentally published before adding the video

You forgot the video :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

yeah lol i pressed ctr+enter to make a new line, its just im used to but it published the topic lol oh well its up now

Which controller do you have? Is this just jogging or is this a Gcode being run? What are the voltages on your steppers set at?

its just jogging a few inches at a time. Dont know the voltages, should be the standard ones. only just set this up.

ok ive just made sure all the wheel are tight and the eccentric nuts are loose so the wheels arnt really touching the rails at the bottom and its still binding, it seemed to help a bit but its still happening. I can move the x and y axis easily when the x-carve is turned off.
Could the belts be too tight? would that cause this?

I think it looks like similar issue when one of the wiring of the stepper motor was reverse connected accidentally by me.

well from reading alot of other posts i increased the voltage to the stepper motors and now it is running perfectly. Just turned then 45 degrees clockwise and this gave them plently more power.