Y axis carve going off path?

Hi there, I’m new to CNC routers and have bought a Mostics 3018 pro to learn on. It came with Candle but I couldn’t get to grips with that so I’m trying out Easel. Last week it was working just fine but this week the Y axis is going about 1.5 inch off track for no discernible reason.

It started when I put in a 1/4 inch 60 degree V carve bit for a project and the spindle went down too fast and too deep, burning a black hole in my wood, no matter what speed and feed setting I put it on. I changed back to the original 1/8 inch bit that came with the machine and the depth/speed is now fine but the carve comes forward too much no matter where I position the wood.

The spindle works just as it’s told when I jog it and I’ve made sure the wood is secure and straight. There is nothing blocking the X/Y/Z axis or machine bed. I’ve also unplugged/replugged it, tried a different USB port and reset the machine in Easel.

Any advise for a newbie would be welcome. Thank you :slight_smile:

when you did the “machine setup” which machine did you select?

You may need to reset your GRBL settings for the 3018 and I would also recommend checking out James Dean Design’s 3018 playlist over on youtube. It’s a great place for any new 3018 owner to start.

I selected 3rd party ‘Other’ and put in the work area as they didn’t have ‘Mostics’ as an option.
Thank you for the link, I’ve seen a few of his videos (how I found out about Easel) and will check out his others too.

How do you reset the GRBL settings?

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That’s the way I’d also enter a 3018, so the machine setup should have been fine…

Record your current settings: go to machine>general settings>machine inspector and scroll to the bottom… record all those first!!
Then go back to the top and send the command: $RST=$ and hit send…then you can scroll down to the bottom and hit the refresh button on the right to refresh… HOWEVER if the ppl who programmed the board didn’t save stuff correctly, the reset will put it to the wrong settings anyway and not fix the issue, this is why I suggest to read and save the settings on it b4 doing the reset.

No luck :frowning: But thank you for the try. I’m wondering if it’s worth returning this machine and going for a more popular brand…

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