Y axis end plates

y axis end plates

 Note: You want to make sure that the rails of the Makerslide are on the flat side of the end plate and that you leave one hole open on the top side of the end plate.

Hi guys, still having a problem with the y axis end plates and I cant get through to inventables as I am based in the UK and having trouble. As you can see in the instructions it states that the rails of the makerslide should be on the flat surface of the end plates, so this should mean that two of the plates mirror the other two when laid flat but this is not the case. I cant really move forward with the build of my x carve HELPPPPP!!!

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The other side has a slight round on the edge, cant see this causing a problem just that it states in the instructions to make sure the makerslide is up against the flat side.

From left to right;
#1 Front-left
#2 Rear-left
#3 Rear-right (Flip to use)
#4 Front-right (Flip to use)
Don’t worry about flat side or not. They are press cut steel plates. That’s why one edge is rounded other side is sharp.


Thanks @AlanDavis I couldn’t see this being a problem. Just wanted the clarification before going any further with the build.

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