Y Axis Hard to Manually Move [Resolved]

I’m at the end stages of building my 1000MM X-carve.

Just finished with the drag chain and work area sections… I noticed my Y axis very stiff when trying to manually move the gantry front to back as I was testing out the movement with the drag-chain.

Seems odd as it was freely moving before. I’m thinking there may have some wiring issues… better fix now before I go further… any suggestions?


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Before wiring there wasn’t any power feedback to GShield. When you move wired stepper motors, they generates power and feeds back. that makes it hard to turn. Do you see green light coming on on GShield while you’re moving.

Hi Ken,

Assuming you haven’t adjusted V Wheels I’d guess you’ve done what I did and missed a wiring colour swap from one side to the other of the Y axis.

Can you double, triple check this against your wiring?



Haven’t even gotten to adding power.

I figured it out 10 seconds after I posted this… thanks! I should have checked before I asked…

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