Y axis is backwards

All of a sudden my Y axis is in reverse I know to rewire it but I cannot pull up the diagram. for the rewire.I guess Easel had a update that I missed???

If you have a copy of your grbl settings check the $=3 and see if it may have changed.

I’m still learning all of this I’m not sure what or where gebl is

Thank You for taking time to respond

You would need to go into machine and advance and type in $$ and hit enter and it should show you your settings.

go here:

Scroll down to the bottom and your settings will be there…
Read current value of $3
Then use this (below) chart to keep X,Z values whatever they currently are “Y or N” BUT only change the Y
Type that desired value in at the top; such as $3=9 and press enter, sending the new value of the setting

(ignore the column that says “mask”)

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