Y-Axis is not straight

UPDATE: I figured it out. Waste board was not square with the frame which naturally would mess with a straight cut.

I’m carving a straight channel Y-17", X-.22", Z-.47".
Problem is the “Y”. It goes off course from the center line over the length of the 17" by 1/8"
I don’t see any issues with the design. I’m using Easel to choose the speed and feed. Any thoughts?
I also made 4 locating holes so I could flip the project to carve the other side. They moved in the same direction as well.
The whole project shifted west when heading north.

Probably your waste board lines are not in line with the Y travel line and you are lining material up using the grid lines. Put a v bit in the collet, send carriage to back of board and lower it smack on a line intersection. Raise bit a few mm and jog carriage full travel in y direction and see how far out of alignment the waste board is.