Y axis jamming up with clicking sound

I have an X Carve Pro that been running good for the first year. until yesterday the y axis came out of alinement in the middle of the cut. now there there is a clicking/ grinding sound coming from the y1 axis. when running the machine back and fourth it jams up. it gets stuck at what seems to be random spots while traveling back and fourth. if I move the y axis slowly is still clicks but does not get stuck. Any ideas? Thank you

I’m having the same issue but with a new X-Carve Pro 3018. have you had any luck resolving this issue?

@DavidBraun1 excuse my ignorance… I didn’t know there is a XCP 3018. I thought the XCP is designated as 4x2 or 4x4.

I could definitely be wrong there but I just want to make sure you have a “Pro” machine. The regular XC is extremely different machine then XCP.


YORA CNC CARVING MACHINE 3018-PRO. maybe i’m in the wrong forum. it’s the entry level CNC maching with a 30x18 CM working area

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Your definitely welcome in this forum to ask any question. I just wanted to clarify which machine you have so we can better help you here in the forum.

I will have to do a little research on your machine to help me understand how to answer your question. I know there are many others in this forum who will likely chime in which is the great thing about this forum is there is a lot of good knowledge.

On a 3018 the cause of a Jam in the Y axis is likely one of 2 things. Either Misalignment of the linear rods which takes manually re-adjusting these to make them parallel to each other and the lead screw. OR the Axis orientation is simply reversed which can be corrected within software.

As for the likelyhood of the inverted Y axis movement, When you manually jog the cnc does it lockup? or is this only when the carve is ran? And when jogging the cnc When you press the arrow that is pointed towards the rear of the cnc, does the bed move rearward or forward? I ask because on a 3018, because the BED moves, it actually needs to move the bed in the OPPOSITE direction of the Y axis jog arrows, because the arrows are in relation of the spindle to the workpiece, so as the bed moves forward the spindle is actually made to be closer to the back of the workpiece. . . If that makes sense…

And with regards to the linear rods possibly being out of alignment, to adjust these you’d loosen the rod mounts, move the bed to the rear, and tighten the rear mounts. then move the bed to the front and tighten the front mounts. You may need to do this with both the rod mounts (if they are adjustable on that model) and the bearings that mount to the underside of the bed.

I should note that Yorahome offers an hour of free 1 on 1 phone tech support with ever new machine purchase, and Their staff led assistance on their facebook group and their forum is really helpful.