Y axis jump

I can not get my x-carve to correctly carve. It starts carving and then the y axis seems to jump, moving the carve off course. I think belts are the correct tension, v wheels move with 2 fingers, wiring is right. Not sure how to fix this.
Very new to the CNC world and probably don’t have the vocabulary down but help and guidance is appreciated. I still haven’t been able to complete even a practice cut.

Hello @PattyCiampi,
Does the machine always do this even when just jogging the machine manually, or does it only do this when the machine is carving?

Can you check that all of the cable connections are secured in their respective terminal blocks? Nothing is blocking the machine from traveling is there?

Can you post a short video of the machine as it is having the issue?


Brandon R. Parker

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Checked all the cable connections…that doesn’t seem to be it.
Letters should be written horizontally…in the video, you see it seems to stutter and jumps up.

cnc skip

The stuttering definitely sounds like something is binding and the steppers are losing steps or something is not making good electrical connection.

Also, is your machine square? You have not attempted to adjust the stepper driver current limit potentiometers have you?

In the video it appears and sounds like the router is not running? Can you confirm this? You should neverrun a carve with the router not running. You should only do this for testing and ONLY IF you set the Z-Home position high enoug such that the entire carve will be performed above the workpiece.

If the router is not running you will definitely be losing steps as the machine attempts to push that v-bit through the material.


Brandon R. Parker

Wow! good eyes on that; yes, the plug for the router came undone so it wasn’t on.

Everything is squared. I retightened all the cables and it is now working. not perfect carve but getting there! Thanks!

No problem…

What was the issue with the subsequent carve?


Brandon R. Parker

A few of the letters came out narrower than they were supposed to. Not sure why but I was just pleased that it cut pretty close to right.