Y axis level alighnment

I am posting this, still a newb with the X-Carve and machine carving in general. I wanted to share though. I was cutting a 30" x 30" sign and noticed that the bottom of the sign was being cut deeper than the top. I first dismissed this as I thought maybe it was the wood, and the difference was less than 1/16 of an inch or so.

I starting doing halftone carvings and then notices all my pictures were darker at the top than the bottom, and I had been having a lot of trouble tying to tune the settings of the halftoner carvings.

Finally, I zeroed the z: axis to the waste board in one corner and the manually moved the spindle to all 4 corners. I found that it was scratching halfway across the waste board.

Looking at the frame, I realized that while the rails of the y-axis are precisely drilled and aligned , the frame of the waste board had some play when the bolts were loosened.

I loosened all four corners, and used a medium pry bar at each corner to lift the y-axis rails as high as they would go, and tightened each corner. Now I can move the spindle from corner to corner and have the same depth.

I have though noticed that the x-axis rails bow slightly in the middle with very little pressure. This is not a problem yet, but as I carve more, it my start bothering me.


Good info. I just got my 750mm xcarve yesterday, and will be working on assembly. Figured id read some forums 1st while im sitting at the hospital. My mum was admitted yesterday for resp. infection on top of her copd.

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Thanks man she is good they are trying to get her O2 levels under control.

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