Y-axis make trouble

Hi, I am from Germany. My English is not good.
I buy the new X-Carve 750 with the new X-Controller.
This is my problem:
The Y-Axis 1 goes forward, but the Y-Axis 2 goes backward.
Can anybody help me?

At the wiring connection to the X-controller for Y2, reverse the white and red wires in the connector.

Hi Larry,
many thanks.
It works.

My next problem:
I test the home-switches.
At first the Z-axis.
It doesn’t work.
I must stop manuel.

This information should help with that:

Thanks for the many information. I look for your help.
Do you know some other people from Germany, they have a X-Carve?

Hi Laary,
I am so happy, because I made my first X-Carve Projekt.
It looks well.

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No, I’m in the US.

Perhaps Inventables should include a flag attached to the user so others know what country your from?

Just a thought.

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Stephen, that i a super idea.
Thank you.
My x-carve is now running well.

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