Y axis motor was extremely hot

I was starting the process of connecting to Easel. Running through the axis check, adjusted my V Wheels and noticed my Y axis motor was extremely hot. I have the 1000mm X carve. Help would be appretiated.

Nema17 or 23?


When you say it was hot, what temp was it? A stepper motor is fine running up to about 140 to 150 deg F

When I get home I will check the temp. They were not really running, just forward and back about 8 times. Thanks for the feedback.

Arduino/gShield or X-Controller?

The Arduino/gShield electronics, when working properly, cannot overdrive a NEMA 23.

The X-Controller electronics, when working properly, can overdrive a NEMA 23.

The current limits can be adjusted on both electronic controllers.

It is the X controller.

Maximum current for the NEMA 23s is 2.8 amps per phase. The X-controller is capable of 4.0 amps per phase.

Make sure you are not overdriving the motor.

If they heat up rapidly in a short time span then it main cause is either a short circuit within the motor or the current limit is set too high. Earlier I had a Nema17 running on the Z-axis and it got real hot (spit sizzling on case), replaced it with a Nema23 and it barely feel warm.