Y axis movement issue


I’ve no problem moving the y axis using controller. Issue is with moving the y axis when motors are not powered. I’,m taking about manually moving the axis by hand.

I’m pretty sure my motors are wired correctly(as I said I can move the using controller). If i try to move y axis by hand, slowly there’s some kind of sound like belts are too tight, but it moves smoothly if I push it fast.


So my first try was adjusting the belt, but it didn’t solve the issue.

Late I discovered if I remove any one of the ya xis motors from it’s terminal coonector, y axis moves smoothly.


Is this normal??

Some questions just out of curiosity;

  1. suppose belts are removed from y axis mots. since they are interconnected, rotating one manually will also rotate the other aromatically, right??

  2. In controller motors should be wired such that adjacend wires should be of same phase
    i.e., AA’BB’ or BB’AA’ or A’AB’B or B’BA’A.
    I know other configuration like ABA’B’ etc wont work

But what about AA’B’B or A’ABB’ etc. how would they behave(still adjacend phases are same)??

When you turn any stepper motor manually, you are generating power which turns on the driver. The behavior you are seeing is the driver resisting your movement. Most will suggest not moving the machine by hand as it can damage your drivers.


I agree with this completely. You may not want to move your machine manually especially at high speeds like you are showing in the video. A motor will generate current which can feedback into your drivers and toast them.

On that same note I do move mine to square up the machine before turning on my controller but this is a minimal distance slow movement.

Actually I’ve detached X, Y and Z cable from the controller when I took the video.
So controller is not the one resisting the movement. I think it’s the parallel connected stepper motors are causing this behavior, that’s why there’s no resistance(video 2) when cables for any one stepper motor removed from it’s terminal connector(image).

Can anyone verify this for me, by removing y axis from controller and manually moving??

You seem to be concerned about a condition that exists when you try to do something for which the machine is not intended. If your machine jogs correctly, get to carving :slight_smile:

Fyi, unconnected, my machine does not resist movement in either the x or y direction. I do have my machine parraleled together into one y axis driver. I haven’t yet switched to using separate drivers.