Y Axis movement

Without the motors or belts and after reading it a bed time story and making sure the xcarve feels safe; is the Y axis supposed to have a lot of play?

When I push one side, pull the other, it easily moves half an inch. The x/z axis has zero play.

first off, you should never push your gantry anywhere!! FYI: Nema motor can back feed power to your controller and fry something and not your eggs for breakfast. :sunglasses:

so you removed the belts and stepper motors?
Yes it would easily move when these components are removed.
The gantry cross bar is hollow, the endplates are rather thin… It isn’t the most robust design, but with the belts in place to keep the sides parallel that flexibility is of little concern.

Also, if it has belts installed that would cause the steppers to generate voltage when moved, then what Ken said… although if it’s moved slowly and the drivers given time to dissipate the voltage generated than manual movement should be okay, although still not suggested.

Little help please. I’m new to the xcarve world. xyz movement is correct and the machine moves on command just fine. The file I’m working with ran fine on the roughing and finish cuts, the first time I used the router, on this partcular file.
Problem is while trying to run the same file the X&Y motors run fine on the roughing cut, but the X & Y stepper motors are running in opposite directions on the finishing cut.
I have not changed any of the settings. Anyone? Thanks

Correction: Just the Y axis motors is fighting for direction.

Check your wiring on the steppers. Sounds like one has come loose somewhere.


Went back and ran the roughing pass to verify. Wanted to see if the Y axis acted the same as before. It did not. Roughing pass would not run correct on the Y axis.
Opened up the controller and checked all connections. Indeed one ribbon cable was not set firmly. Checked all connections on the machine and controller. And dang, it’s alive and running great now.
Ordering vibration pads today. Thanks for the help.


Thanks for the verification of the play.

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