Y axis noise

Hey all
Need help
At the easel stage of set up.
All the axes are working fine BUT:
X axis you have to strain to hear it - smooth as a baby’s bum. Great.
Z axis moans and groans like me (old man noises) top inch of travel. Not so good. Some good posts on this. Will try.
Y access sounds like a concrete mixer. I’m guessing my adjustable V rollers. Not sure. Is there a vid somewhere that I can see, that makes sense about how to adjust these thingees? If you have 1 or 2 teeth either side of the y axes out, can this make you run out of parallel?
If this is a dumbass question, forgive me, newbie here, from New Zealand. We’ve only had the electric light since 1978.

Guy, double check your wiring for the Y axis. Make sure your screws are snug on the terminal blocks and have good wire contact.

As for the v-wheels, you want them to be snug to the point you can’t spin the wheels in place with one finger, but can with two fingers with a little effort.


Thanks Jordan
Spot on advice