Y axis not moving after upgrade

i just completed the upgrade to 9 mm belts new z axis and upgraded steppers install.
x works fine z works fine
y just makes a knocking noise and shudders and sits there.
i am running the older xcarve with the arduino and g shield
any and all help would be appreciated

the shuttering is typically caused by crossed stepper motor wire pairs.

The new steppers should be wired like this:
White is A+
Red is A-
Green is B+
Black is B-

Most likely the Phases are not separated correctly, but the pluses and minuses are separated correctly.
In other words you need to swap Red and Black . .
OR Green and White.
Swap for both Y1 and Y2, but don’t swap Both Sets of wire colors listed above!

If you could share a photo of the wiring setup that might help to tell which to change from and to :+1:

I am guessing that you have both Y motors wired the same. They need to be different as they oppose each other.
Look back at the original assembly instructions.

Hi Folks,
I did the following:
Unplugged Y left stepper
Right stepper moved fine
Now how to figure out how to wire the left stepper correctly.

does the left only plugged cause the shuttering? If not and it’s just driving the opposite direction of the other motor, then you need to swap Green and black or Red and White. either one of these swaps will reverse the direction of the stepper.

I will try that

F I X E D ! ! ! !
I had the Red and white AND the Green and Black switched!!

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So, All Fixed !
Now on to Calibration!
IMG_131981461 (1)|video


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