Y-Axis Off Path

Hi All, I am completely new to CNC, but the students in my classroom are having a blast designing and carving their own designs like crazy. When issues arise, they love to assist each other in troubleshooting each others designs. It’s been a fantastic addition to my classroom a couple of month ago.

Although only in relatively simple designs thus far the Carvey has perform great, since day. That started to change this past week. With a few projects that last couple of days, there has been the odd project where the carving bit has run off of the path. Most have been small carves that are quick. Today I grabbed a larger piece of wood and tried to run a student made sign (gift for a parent) to run a test.

As you can see in the picture, everything along the X-Axis appears to be accurate, but the along the Y-axis everything drops away. There is also the odd random carve, as in the through the middle of P at the top of the carve. The original carve by the student ran without issue.

Here is the design file: http://easel.inventables.com/projects/dof4d9j7d5hcfwLcqbmQPQ

I am going to take the base of the Carvey apart to make sure it is clean underneath, where the wasteboard travels. Has anyone come across this before or have any suggestions.

Thanks all. I am looking forward to learning more about the Carvey’s Full capabilities, including have students complete some 3D carves. Right now, they are pretty in tune with making Fidget Spinners! If you have any links you would recommend, please feel free to share them.


Thanks Phil. I did search other forums for information, but any issues I came across tend to pertain mostly to the X-Carve. I assumed that since other similar carves went without issue, that there may be something at play, other than the feed and depth. The recommended settings are what I went with Feed: 30in/min and Depth: 0.028 in.

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@ScottParks This video may help, basically the homing button is ~.03" too low, so the initial cut is too deep and can cause so much resistance that it will go off path or break a bit. We show how to fix it pretty quickly.