Y-axis problem, cutting shift approx 5mm along axis

xcarve issue
i am using x-carve 1000mm, since last a year working good. now i am facing problem with drawing that along x-axis my drawing result shift by min 5mm inside as show in picture. at home position both y axis stepper motors are not at same position, and help regarding this please.

Your Y-axis sides are parallell but not square.

Okay if this how i can check is there any helpful information

i checked machine is square


This is also a great reqource for general tips and tricks:

But are the two Y-motors aligned/squared?
If you carve a 300x300mm pattern, what do the two diagonals measure?

thanks dear i will try as information provide.

Dear HaldorLonningdal thanks for Help
measuring/ leveling again now approx 3 mm covers i will again check all square issues including table level.

If you’re using the wasteboard with the grid, you can check how square you are by telling the machine to move to the corners:
G0 X0 Y0
G0 X0 Y740
G0 X740 Y740
G0 X740 Y0

Just make sure you don’t drag a bit through anything

great idea thanks