Y-axis rail and stepper dust control

Using 1/4" thick corrugated plastic sheet, a pair of wood blocks and two neodymium magnets I cobbled together a dust control idea. Specifically, a 5 1/2" strip of plastic approximately 27" long is placed along the inner side of the rails to help keep them cleaner. A 3 1/4" x 4 1/4" piece of plastic is adhered to a 1’ x 1 1/4" wood block 1 1/2" long. A neodymium magnet is adhered to the other side of the block to secure it to the stepper mounting plate. This “sliding guard” keeps a good deal of the dust and wood fibers off the stepper motors, cogs and idler wheels. Not a perfect solution but a good one that’s cheap to make and easily removed for cleaning.


Could you post a photo?

Surely. Don’t know why I didn’t in the first place. Must be old age brain fade.