Y-Axis shifting

I’m having problems with my Y-Axis shifting and not tracking over the same line on each pass. For example, if I have multiple passes on a path that is non-linear, it will shift a little bit from the first pass to subsequent path’s where it doesn’t follow the exact same line. It was really bad, and I slowed everything down thinking I must be going to fast. I’m now using a 1/8" bit in MDF and the feed rate is 20 in/min and depth of cut is 1/16". I have the speed on my dewalt 611 at the highest speed setting. My system has no modifications to it. The shifts appear to be mostly in the Y-axis. Any suggestions on how I can identify the problem and fix it?

From what I have read here in this forum, your DeWalt should be at a speed setting of one (1). Your depth of cut may be too deep as well.

With the machine powered off, does the Y axis move freely by hand with no binding? Have you adjusted the pots on the gshield? See video below.

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With the dewalt going full speed and only running at 20ipm, you may have burned up your bit and it is dull. A dull bit will cause you to lose steps all over the place.

Is the bit dark or bluish color?

Thank you for the suggestions, I obviously have a lot to learn. My bit is discolored so I probably did ruin it, and it sounds like I’m running it too high. I’ll investigate some of these items and see if they solve my problem, thank you again for all of the feedback.