Y Axis sounds rough / wobble when manually pushed

I have been assembling my 1000mm x-carve and got to the Work Area Section and noticed after attaching machine to the wasteboard it has a wobble / non smooth, jerk movement when pushed at slow speed on the Y axis. X Axis is very smooth. It still has some wobble with belts off, but not as bad.

Is the Y axis suppose to have this when manually pushed or do I need to adjust the v wheels til it goes away? Or what should I look for?

I’m still have to order my electronics. So checking things as I go.


Where are you pushing at. If you push at one end you will see a wobble because the other end takes a moment to start moving because of the design of the machine. If you push from the middle you will see no wobble or very little.

Ariel, WA

Still some wobble when pushed in the middle, but less. Seems ok if pushed fast. More noticeable if pushed slow. Thanks for the info!

if it is wired to the controller, don’t push it fast…

This sends feedback to the gShield and could potentially fry your electronics.

Not hooked up yet, but will remember that when I get my electronics. Going to re-attract my belts and make sure v-wheels are good and set it aside til I order my electronics. Thanks for the help guys.

FYI - If any of your stepper wires are making contact with each other while they are not connected to the controller, they will be more difficult to turn. Make sure wires are not touching each other.