Y axis stepper motor not working

Earlier today when I took my laser off my machine, I went to change the $32=1 command to $32=0 to allow my spindle to run. My issue is that I think I put in an errant code (I had to enter the $32=0 command a second time to turn on the spindle) and I think I turned off one of my Y-axis stepper motors. the one on the left runs, the one on the right does nothing. It’s staying unlocked and acts like no power to it when I jog the machine. It worked perfectly just prior when I homed the machine. Does anybody know what the proper code is?

Y1 and A (aka Y2) cannot be turned on/off simply by sending a $command like that.

I would swap connections at the back of the X-Controller to identify if the problem stays with the x-controller or with the cable/motor… splitting the problem to try to locate the issue.

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