Y axis stepper motors stop on long movements

I just finished upgrading my stepper motors from nema 17s to 23s and everything is going smoothly except one thing. The 2 Y-axis motors seems to stall out at longer movements. To explain in greater detail…

I use Universal G-Code sender, and let’s say I set the manual control increments to 10mm. This works fine for all directions. However If I set the increment to something longer like 100mm, the Y axis motors will run smoothly for about 40-50mm then they’ll stop spinning and make that rumble/vibrate noise everyone seems to be familiar with. As both y axis motors are doing this identically, it leads me to believe it’s not a problem with the motors themselves.

I’ve triple checked the wiring everything seems to be connected properly… plenty of wire contact.

Any idea or suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

Bump up the power to your potentiometer for the Y-Axis.

That did it! Thanks!

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Did you have to go up or down? I am experiencing the same issue right now. Going to be checking it shortly.

I did, that is why I said I was going to be checking it shortly. I’m not looking for someone to just hand me the answer, It would be great to know if these are getting sent out set one way or another is all. I had to lower my x and raise my y.