Y axis stiffing mod. Aluminum Angle Iron

Here is my take on a Y axis stiffing mod. this mod is easily reversible and removable.

Parts you will need:
T-Slot drop in nuts (20 series) at least 10 - the more you have the better
Screws to match the nuts. - these dont need to be very long (5mm should do . but measure twice i had to get washers)
1 8ft pice of 2x2 Al angle iron from lowes cut to exact length.

Measure, cut, drill, screw, enjoy

this instantly made a massive difference with Y movement. even testing movement by hand, you could tell a difference.

hope this helps someone!.


If it was a little taller it would make a good dust shield for the tracks and v-wheels also.

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i totally agree. i plan on adding a plexiglass plate to go up to the Y axis :slight_smile:

Thanks for posting this. I will be ordering an X-Carve in the next few weeks and this modification option had occurred to me. Wasn’t sure this could be done without interfering with the carriage. Thanks to you, I see that it can. Was considering using aluminum plate and a cover of thin plexi or masonite in lieu of the wasteboard along with the angle stiffening.

Aluminum and Iron is oxymoronic! :grinning:
(couldn’t help myself!)

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I suppose electrolysis and vibration over the long term might make you feel a little foolish, but moronic is being a little hard on yourself.

I did something similar but I used 2x4 inch angle which works perfect for a dust guard and stiffener. I got two 4 foot pieces off of eBay for $15 a piece! Works awesome.

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Link to the ebay shop for the lazy?

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themetalmerchant is the sellers name, sorry my phone won’t let me link it

Just look up 2x4" aluminum angle

Link for the lazy :slight_smile: