Y Axis stopping with motors still running (Fixed)

I’ve had a relatively inconsistent issue with my Y axis. When I set it to move forward or back it will move a few inches and then you can just hear the motors trying to move but nthing is physically moving. I’m sure its a belting issue because I took the belts of and ran the motors and they run together and relatively smooth. I’ve tried loose, tight and in between with the belts, no consistent results.

Not sure if it’s relevant but the green light for the Y axis on the g shield dims and goes out when its not moving?

I had a similar issue on my shapeoko for two different reasons. You will want to look at both.

First time it wouldn’t run, I didn’t have enough current running to the stepper motors. Locate the potentiometer on the Y axis on your GRBL controller and turn it up by a small amount. Try moving the axis again. If it didn’t help, turn it up again and try again.

The second time I had this issue was caused because I had dialed in too much current and it was overheating. When the drivers over heat, they shut down but the motors still sound like they are trying to move. If the dial is much more than 50%, there’s a good chance you are overheating.

All the way counterclockwise is low, and clockwise is high. There are more detailed instructions on how to set this, but hopefully I’ve given you enough to at least get going.

It could be something a little less electronic. Double check your V-wheels and gently glide the carriage slowly on the y rails to be sure its moving freely. Also make sure your 2 Y rails are perfectly parallel by measuring at the front and back of the machine. Also be sure the ecentric nuts that control the tension of the v wheels on the rail isn’t too tight. Good luck!

Great suggestions and I’ll give everything a try Aand report back soon. Thanks guys!

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Yes, I guess I should have added a point that said to be sure that the machine moves freely when not under power. :smile: Start with Dons suggestions first, then work on the power settings for each axis.

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Thanks for all the great advice and I was able to learn even more about my machine! I adjusted the v wheels as they were a little tight and then I played with the g-shield until it was moving perfectly. Ran a test job and everything worked great. Thanks Again!