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Y axis stretch

So I decided to hang on to my x-carve and make it more useful. I added the motor/belt upgrade and stretched the Y axis to 90”. The Y axis rails are stiffened with 3/16 aluminum on either side and it is very solid. Z axis is cnc4newbie because it is all metal, no plastic. I also opted for the taller gantry risers from cnc4newbie. Its calibrated and running fine and the new spoilboard with T-slots will go on later this week. I also made a 4’x8’ cabinet to hold this machine.
The Y axis was stretched @ 1.5 meters using makerslide and 2020 extrusions. I bought a metal cutting blade for my mitre saw and it worked great for cutting the extrusions.


Is there any bump between the pieces of extrusion or did you fill the gap in and sand it down?

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No bumps. The extrusions are well made. I used joiners on them to help align them. The support comes primarily from the 3/16 alum.

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