Y Axis Wide Makerslide Dust Covers

I redesigned the original dust covers by phraust to be able to use them after upgrading my Y axis’ to wide makerslides. I also redesigned the magnets for the ones they carry at Home Depot and other big box stores for easier availability. They do a great job stopping debris from getting in your V wheels and causing issues. *You will need a 3D printer to make them or send out to a professional 3D printer service like Shapeways.



How well do these really work to keep the V-Groove wheels clean? I mean, they’re going to pick up whatever fine dist is laying on the rails and prevent you from seeing any buildup or potential problems with the carriages…

They actually work very well, and give the machine a really nice finished look (of cause they look better in Black, but I used up all my black filament and only had red left :frowning: ) , I left some cutouts in the design where I may place small brushes to sweep the finer dust from the rails. Being that there held on magnetically, they are very easy to remove for a fine cleaning.

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Would the dust covers be available for me to purchase ?


I’m kinda with @RobertCapraun about that design since I was sporting something similar on my vanilla one before I started heavily modding it and I think you’re better off going with a design incorporating higher side skirts:

I rarely have to clean the rails since I donned them and depending on the material and thickness used ( Metal, Wood, Plastic, Karton ) you can even work them double duty as Y-Axis Stiffeners.