Y axis will not home

Hello Everyone!

I had my X-Carve working for a little bit, but then things stopped working.

When I use the limit switches and home the x-carve (during the set up your x-carve wizard):
-Software says it is homing
-Z axis does its thing and goes to the top (no problems)
-X axis does its thing and goes to the left (no problems)
Then nothing happens with the Y motor. The software says that it is still homing. I have checked the limit switch and there appears to be nothing wrong with it. I also tried removing the switch, pressing the switch manually to see if the motors would start moving, but nothing. The Y motors just do not move.

BUT I am able to cut just fine if I manually home the x-carve, the Y motors work just fine.

Any ideas?

I have read the post about the Y limit switch not working. But I think my problem is different. Yes the Y limit switch isn’t working, but the Y motor doesn’t move and the software still thinks that it is homing. It could be noise if the motors moved and then stopped before it hit the switches, but my motor doesn’t move, doesn’t make a sound, no change what so ever that I can tell.

Referenced post: Y Limit switch not working

Take a look at this thread to see if grbl shows the switch as tripped. If the Y homing switch input is stuck then you could get strange results from the homing cycle.