Y1 and y 2 axis not moving in unison during setup?

i just finished putting my x carve together, and when i use easel to set up my machine and test the wiring, my X Aix and Z Axis move as they are suppose to, but the Y Axis (Y1 and Y2) don’t move in unison but both motors are turning. shouldn’t my Y 1 and y2 axis move together smoothly across the table? or am i missing something?

I also forgot to mention that I do have the wiring for Y1 and Y2 set up correctly (opposite on 2nd GRN and 3rd BLK wire) but the two stepper motors are not moving in the same direction.

Triple check the wires again. Then Quadruple check. Then check the settings ($$).

Either you are incorrect OR one wire for one of the steppers have poor connection, causing direction to be random.
Check the wiring :slight_smile:

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This has been addressed dozens of times. Like Haldor suggested, swap ONE of the stepper’s wires. If the colors don’t match the drawing, it’s no big deal, not all stepper manufacturers put the same colors in the same places.

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You can change de direction in the grbl.

That would just create a mirror image of the same problem.
Switch the wires.

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