Y1 & Y2 axis motor time delay

I just assembled my X-carve over the weekend and may have an issue with the Y-axis stepper motors. There is a slight delay between Y1 and Y2. I don’t know how much of delay, or how to time it, but it’s only a couple of seconds.

What happens is that Y1 will move and Y2 will move shortly after.

I have:

  1. Checked the square of the table and the guide rails.
  2. Adjusted the eccentric hex nut on both end plates. These turn easily by hand.
  3. Run machine calibration and homing after any adjustments.
  4. Turned the pot to the far right for the Y-axis motors as suggested in the instructions.

Any help on why this delay is happening and how to fix it would be greatly appreciated.

if it’s a new one there’s no set screws or loctite to worry about - gears are now pressed on.

I had similar issues - one of my connectors on the motor wasn’t seated fully

I have same problem there are delays checked all mentioned but still one motor starts before next on Y axis only.Not sure how to correct. X-carve machine works great just can not stop delay going to change motors to see if motor is defective.

Switch y1/y2 over to see if the delayed side also change? If so there is a motor problem, if not there could a connection/driver issue.

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I’ve done this my machine is custom bullt at 1800mm on Y-axis but still does not explain the jog.X-carve ok going to try using one axis to drive motors and if this does not fix ?

So it seems that there is no power coming from the gshield to drive to the Y2 motor. It travels simply because Y1 has enough to pull it along a second or two after. I’ll be contacting X-carve support to find out what the next step will be.

I am going to wire like ols X-carve with one wire to both motors and see if I have same problem.
then I can go from there reverse engineering.

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Hi there! I’m having this same issue with a brand new 2019 model- y2 is unresponsive- checked wiring, motors and even a new PCB in case of driver. Nothing has helped. Did your issue get resolved? if so, how?

Have you tested the Y1 motor on the Y2 driver output?

Hi HeidiBarrier,

My issue was wiring. What was happening was that both motors were wired the same so that X was moving to the front of the machine and the Y to the back and thus binding up. Both motors were traveling in the same direction when they needed to move opposite of one another.

This is an image of the back of my machine. I have recently sold mine (I was under utilizing it but it worked fine) so I can’t provide any more photos.

All worked out fine when I wired them like this:

Y1 is wired: Red, White, Green, Black
Y2 is wired: Red, White, Black, Green

Hope this helps.

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This worked beautifully!