Y2 Locked up

Hi all…Just finished the build of my X carve. I ran into a problem during the “Machine Setup” phase. X and Z axis work fine using the control arrows in the software. Y not so much.

The problem is, as I see it, Y1 stepper moves and Y2 stepper is locked. This causes a lot of torque on the Y axis rails. Y2 isn’t just not powered, its coils are energized to a locked condition.

Here are my observations for the Y axis movements problems:

With power off, everything moves freely.
each output plugged into its stepper motor, with the other unplugged, works.
If I plug the Stepper into the others output works fine as long as the other stepper is unplugged.
As soon as I plug both steppers in the problem comes back.

Each stepper and output works as long as the other stepper is not plugged in.

Any input is appreciated !

Can’t wait to make some saw dust!


Wiring. Wiring. Wiring. Shorts. Quadruple check.

Thanks Phantomm … I’m make’n saw dust!

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