Y2 mis-alignes by 2 mm?

I cannot work out why, but after a few cuts, when i measure the distance from y1 to the left brace vs y2 to the right brace, the y2 motor is always further away by 2mm ish?? i move it back so the distances are the same and it keeps happening? I have already tried

  1. Making sure the V wheels and not too tight
  2. Belt tension at 3.2lb at 1inch
  3. Made sure the belt fasteners are straight
  4. the table is square

what else can i do to troubleshoot?

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well if $1 is not set to 255, then the steppers will relax to their natural position anytime the machine goes into idle state. I recommend setting $1=255 and the dip switches as shown here. . . How to fix X-Carve Lock Motors Fault For Stress Free Bit Changes - YouTube

Also, Have you tried carving a square at it’s naturally relaxed position (2mm back) does that still form a perfect square? Does forced to be aligned carve a perfect square? (i recommend this test using a v bit just barely carving into the surface of a MDF board and measuring diagonally corner to corner to check for square) IF the natural position carves a better square than the brought forward then I would stop forcing it forward. . . If the forced forward one carves better then you can measure the frame of the cnc diagonally, and then use those measurements to assist in adjusting it by loosening the frame and then altering the shape to get the diagonal measurement into the desired position, tightening back, checking the gantry natural relaxed position. . .and then re-running the v bit carving just to verify.