Yeah, another acrylic edge-lit sign

MIne is crude compared to most because I did mine with what I had around the house - no LED rope light here, I drilled six holes for separate high intensity blue LEDs in parallel and wired them to a 9v battery. If I was going to do this for ‘real’ and not a proof of concept I’d put an on/off switch and make the base taller so I could put a 9v in there. You can see the individual LEDs at the bottom of the sign, not super happy about that but glad things worked as well as they did.

Used a 1/16" bit, 70 ipm and .015 depth of cut. Was going to fill in the items but decided to just do outlines - the few times I tried to fill in stuff on acrylic it ended in disaster.

I actually goofed and got the wrong type of acrylic from inventables, so next time I’ll get cast and see how much better it is. All in all pretty fun little project.


It looks great, how deep did you etch the acrylic?

Thanks! .015. Also had my shop vac blowing on the spindle while I cut, seemed to keep the acrylic pieces from sticking and melting to the bit.

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Hail Hydra! Nice!

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