Yes another fidget spinner (update)

Still a work in progress but getting there. Will post here as I get more done.

working on the bearing caps

geting to the small stuff now can’t mess this part up. well i can but don’t want to.

getting closer.

finished except for filling in logo. put a little nail polish in one side to see if i like it


I think it looks great, a bit worried that its gonna tear some flesh, but I’d be a proud owner. Great job!

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Thanks. All edges are polished to round them over lol.

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Now what to do with myself for the rest of the day.

cool, I did have a gun lathe and a vertical mill. it is nice ti see the work you done.

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do you know that in most cities that shurikens are illegle

you sound like someone I would like to talk to

Last time I heard that the police were at the door.

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I need to get back into knife making. You probably remember when I tried making one on the xcarve didn’t turn out too bad but I really need to get started on building the cnc mill.